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Notes on a Conversation with Bob Kahn on the ICCC (RFC0372) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000003556D
Original Publication Date: 1972-Jul-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2000-Sep-13
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NWG/RFC #372 Richard W. Watson

NIC 11022 (SRI-ARC)



I called Bob Kahn and had a good chat with him about some aspects

of the ICCC meeting demonstration. The points discussed and his

answers were the following.

What is the physical environment going to be like?

Bob has arranged for the Georgetown Ballroom of the Hilton

Hotel; it has 3000 square feet probably about 75x40 (exact

dimensions are not known to Bob at this time).

A carpeted false floor is to be installed and there will be

a partition for an area to show a movie on resource sharing

which will run more or less continuously.

There will not be booths in the normal sense but details

are not yet worked out. Bob expects to have tables

arranged around the room holding 1 or 2 terminals and low 4

ft. partitions to break up the space.

Who will man the booths?

Bob presently expects many terminals to be unmanned,

although manufcturers could have a sales rep.

There will probably be people from net sites at some of

them from time to time to demonstrate their programs.

We discussed the need for lots of experts from the network

around who can answer questions and help people. Bob is in

favor of such a thing but has not had time yet to pull such

a group together and there is some uncertainty if enough

people will volunteer, his initial approach to people

yielded lots of people interested but with other things to


When will the equipment be on the floor and available to try


NWG/RFC# 372 RWW 12-JUL-72 9:39 11022

Notes on a Conversation with Bob Kahn on the ICCC

The conference is tues-thurs oct 24-26 and at the moment

the room is only going to be available from the 22nd. This

seems to be a short time to install floor, TIP, terminals,

phone lines, etc and Bob is going to try to get the room

the previous Wed or Fri, but doesn't know yet.

Bob would like to have working demo with terminals,

resources at BBN in Aug.

What resources are presently committed?

UCLA Klinerock will have some network measurement stuff to


Stanford AI has indicated they will have some programs to


Utah Tony Hearn will have his Reduce program to demo, Berry

Wessler plans to demo something, Harvey Greenfield has some

sort of mdical program.

RAND before recent sakeup indicated iterest, status now not


SDC will have some natural language programs and their

data management systems.

MIT Vezza and Kahn are looking into having some hardcopy

device such as Photon attached to a GE TS system. Al has

some other things to demo.

Bob has contacted a number of non net sources such as the

NY Times (data base), Eastern Airlines etc., but has no

definite commitments yet.

We at ARC will of course have a number of things to