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Method for carrier tape leaders Disclosure Number: IPCOM000008382D
Publication Date: 2002-Jun-11
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Disclosed is a method for carrier tape leaders. Benefits include improved throughput.

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Method for carrier tape leaders

Disclosed is a method for carrier tape leaders. Benefits include improved throughput.


         Conventionally, the excess use of carrier tape to provide leader for automated pick-and-place equipment is solved by using sections at the beginning and end of every reel of carrier tape. It consists of several hundred empty pockets to provide automated equipment lead-in (see Figure 1).

General description

      The disclosed method uses a low-cost design to provide reusable tape leaders for carrier tape. This flat tape is cut by a small die to generate mating features to be cut at the tail end of the segment that interlocks into the carrier tape (see Figure 2).

      The key elements include:

·        Group of designs and a method for feeding carrier tape into pick-and-place equipment utilizing reusable leaders

·        Flat leader tape that is identical in width, thickness and drive hole size and pitch to the carrier tape that it leads

·        One or more features, depending upon tape width, which interlocks with the carrier tape

·        Mating feature(s) that is/are punched into each carrier to enable leader attachment


              The technical advantages of the disclosed method include:

·        Leader tape the same width and thickness as the carrier tape

·        More components or assemblies contained in the same space on every reel

·        Reusability due to mating features

·        Waste eliminated of the front section of carrier tape

Detailed description

      The disclosed method consists of

carrier tapes, pick-and-place automated process equipment, and a reusable leader for each...