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Stub system to allow the calling of functions in other threads. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009153D
Publication Date: 2002-Aug-09
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[ IPCOM000000011S originally published 2001-08-09 17:52 UTC ] This stub system parses a C++ source file (or, any file with a "class" declaration), at compile-time to create a series of (C++) functions that, through a series of mutexes and condition variables, are able to signal a second thread into accepting the function call. The second thread can then call a function that checks a message queue for new input, and calls the given function. The first thread is able to block with a condition variable set, but optionally, functions can be declared as asynchronous by prefixing it with async (#define async void). This procedure is able to produce an easy system of calling second threads, or RTPC (Remote-Thread Procedure call). [ 000000011S 11S ]

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An example header file parsed is:

class ObjectImpl : public ITC::Base



              void function();

              async otherFunction(int x);


for this, a header including, but not limited to the following is produced:

class Object : public ITC::Stub



              Object(ObjectImpl &impl);

              void function();

              void otherFunction(int x);


Example parsed header file:

class TestImpl : public ITC::Base, public ITC::Thread



// this directive signifies that it is parsed

              double get()const;



              virtual void run();


              double v;

              bool mGo;


// implementation

void TestImpl::run()


              // Calculates pi


              double bottom=1;


              bool subtract=false;


              while (mGo)



                            if (subtract)











double TestImpl::get() const


              return v*4;


// the file generated by the parser,

// contains the stub class

#include "test.itc.h"

#include <iomanip.h>

int main()


              TestImpl thread;

              // calls "run" in the second thread)            



              // Test is the generated Stub clas...