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Method for a scroll strip Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010028D
Publication Date: 2002-Oct-09
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Disclosed is a method for a scroll strip. Benefits include improved ease of use and improved reliability.

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Method for a scroll strip

Disclosed is a method for a scroll strip. Benefits include improved ease of use and improved reliability.


              Mobile devices with graphical user interface (GUI) navigation and/or browsing support are still a developing area. Ideal configurations have not been clearly identified, and various supporting technologies are very valuable when they are used in a widely popular product configuration.

              Touch pads currently exist and provide a simple X-Y coordinate signal to the host system (see Figure 1).

              No conventional solution provides a comfortable and intuitive scroll control regardless of the use of thumb, finger, or stylus.

              A scroll wheel is always in danger of being accidentally bumped due to its protruding shape. The low-risk case is that the user loses the place in a document. The high-risk case is that the scroll wheel receives a damaging mechanical impact and becomes inoperable. A solution is required that is not exposed to these risks.

General description

              The disclosed method is of a thin strip of touch-sensitive material (touch pad resistive material, for example) situated intuitively and sized ergonomically for dedicated scrolling of on-screen documents.

              The method is a refined use of conventional technology that focuses on controlling a single dedicated function and providing intuitive operation via affordance features in the form factor design.

              The scroll strip is an accessible surface control as compared to the scroll bars in a GUI view. In a small-screen device, on-screen scroll bars are difficult to control with a stylus, especially when the unit is bein...