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Universal Instrument Guide and Surgical Insertion Tool for Stereotactic Frames Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011023D
Publication Date: 2003-Feb-07

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A universal instrument stop guide and universal surgical insertion tool meet the critical measurements necessary to function interchangeably with the Leksell, Cosman-Roberts-Wells (CRW), and potentially other stereotactic frames in performing stereotactic procedures, for instance, for deep brain stimulation. A single kit including the universal guide and tool replaces frame-specific components and, as a result, relieves frame-component buyers from having to purchase frame-specific components.

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Universal Instrument Guide and Surgical Insertion Tool for Stereotactic Frames

Background and Summary

                                        A typical stereotactic apparatus consists of a rigid frame that is mounted on the head.  The frame’s purpose is to provide both a rigid fiducial marker system during imaging of the skull and brain and a rigid platform for mounting instruments during surgery. The set of fiducial markers is visualized with the respective imaging modalities and provides a coordinate system within which targets appearing in the images may be localized. The frame also provides the means for determining coordinate transformations between "frame-space" and "image-space".

                                        A stereotactic arc is attached to the stereotactic frame during the surgical procedure and serves as a mounting platform for introduction of surgical instruments.  The arc is designed such that when properly mounted to the stereotactic frame, all instruments are precisely inserted to the appropriate target depth.  The appropriate target depth is calculated based on different principles that are frame dependent.

                                        Stereotactic frames are used to perform a wide range of neurosurgical procedures.  These neurosurgical procedures include diagnostic stereotactic microsurgery (tumors, infectious diseases, systemic disorders), guidance (lesioning, tumor removal), functional therapy (movement disorders, pain), and evacuations (implantations, brachytherapy, intracavitary treatments, gamma knife surgery).

                                        The two most popular frames used for stereotactic surgical procedures are the Leksell® (manufactured by Elekta) and CRWTM (Cosman-Roberts-Wells manufactured by RadionicsTM).  Other frames include, but are not limited to, the Leibinger® frame (manufactured by Stryker®).

                                        A universal instrument guide for stereotactic frames described in this publication is compatible with different stereotactic frames by providing a universal instrument stop guide and/or a universal surgical insertion tool that can be used at least in the Leksell® and CRWTM frames and potentially other stereotactic frames.  The universal instrument stop guide and universal surgical insertion tool satisfy the critical dimensions necessary to function with the Leksell and CRW frames.

                                        The universal instrument stop guide, universal surgical insertion tool, and other universal tools that can be included in stereotactic procedure kits, can save hospitals and medical professionals thousands of dollars.  Hospitals that already own different stereotactic frames must currently purchase multiple kits that are compatible with each of the different frames.  A universal kit including the universal instruments described herein would lighten this unnecessary and cumbersome economic burd...