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Method and procedure for GUI platform independence in application code

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011381D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Feb-14
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Method and procedure for GUI platform independence in application code

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Method and procedure for GUI platform independence in application code

   Applications are constantly being rewritten to run on different presentation platforms, e.g. 370 Green Screens to C++ Installed Clients to Java Installed clients to Java Applets to HTML Browsers. These rewrites provide little or no additional business logic; the sole purpose is to create a new presentation of the business logic on a different presentation platform. This comes at significant cost because the GUI code/logic is rarely decoupled sufficiently from the business logic to make this a simple exercise. Additionally, these changes frequently introduce defects into the system.

This invention provides a mechanism where application code is unaware of the presentation platform and of the actual GUI implementation.

The application loads the GUI by a unique, GUI platform independent name, e.g.

"MyApplication.SignOnGui". The application loads the GUI by calling a GUI Loading Service. The application code is not aware of the platform the GUI will run in. The GUI Loading Service is responsible for loading the GUI implementation appropriate for the GUI platform, therefore only it needs to be coupled to knowledge of the GUI platform.

The GUI Loading Service returns an object that provide the GUIs services.




The application accesses the GUI by a set of standard services the GUI supplies, regardless of the

GUI platform.

Adding an additional GUI platform is simply a matter of providing a new implementation of the GUI and making the GUI Loader Service aware of the new platform option. The application code does not need to change to take advantage of this new GUI platform. The application still loads the GUI by its seman...