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(BMP) Group purchase system on network using annotation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000011415D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Feb-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Feb-19
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We propose the new model through the asynchronous communication using annotation on network for the following case: two or more detached people (discrete group) determine purchase of goods, such as a present or a travel package, or reservation of the restaurant or lodging (goods).

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JP820021001 Koichiro Kato/Japan/IBM Harumi Itoh, Yoichi Yoshida, Takeshi 3 Watanabe, Eiichi Tazoe, Rika Oyamada

(BMP) Group purchase system on network using annotation

1. By using annotation for opinion exchange, annotation can be added directly to the wish position of the page of a goods catalog as a comment. Easy to understand the comment at a glance.

2. By using annotation, the weight of opinion or the progress to total can be expressed. For example, the red border can be used for your 1st recommendation, and the orange border for your 2nd recommendation.

3. When annotation is added by a member in the group, mail can be automatically sent to all members. If you access the information written in the mail, you can refer to the member's opinion easily. Other members can also add annotation more to the added annotation, and can exchange opinion among members smoothly.

4. By using annotation, the service provides not only adding a comment, but voting to goods. The voting result is totaled automatically, and helps to determine the selection of goods.

5. The annotation added by the member in the group is accumulated as data. You can refer to the data to obtain the factors of customer's decision-making, the interested keyword of the reason the goods were chosen, the reason which was not chosen, a request, and a candidate user etc., and it can be efficient for the next product development, reexamination of the existing goods, etc.

The flow of service and money, between provider (service...