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Circuit diagram for the mixing of water and additive and spraying the mixture Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012545D
Publication Date: 2003-May-14
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Circuit diagram for the mixing of water and additive and spraying the mixture

Current circuit :-

Water from the tank and the additive from the cassette is sucked through the respective one way valve X1 and X2. In the current design X1<X2.

When there is water in the tank and additive in the cassette, X1 opens first. The suction pressure starts increasing to suction the water and eventually X2 also opens. Water and additive thus gets mixed at the junction connecting both the streams.

The required proportion of the mixing is achieved by the flow area and the valve opening pressures for the valve X1 and X2.

The mixture is sprayed on the fabric through the orifice into the cassette.



X1 mbar





With the above circuit, it is possible to spray the water when the cassette is empty. When the cassette is empty, X1 opens first as usual and lot of water gets pumped before X2 gets opened. Thus causing a normal spray of water. When water tank is empty, X1 opens first as usual causing lot of air to get sucked and then only air is pumped out without sucking any additive from the cassette.

To avoid the spraying of additive or the water when either water tank is empty or cassette is empty.

Proposal 1

The supplementary valve is connected into the water line, to prevent the spray of additive when the tank is empty.

Valve opening pressure of X3 < X2 < X1. The flow area of X3 being small than that of X1, it offers high resistance to the flow of water. In the event of the cassette is empty X3 valve opens first. For the flow of water through X3, the pressure in the suction line rises to a value that the valve X2 opens and thus the air starts flowing through the suction line causing virtually no water flow or very weak intermittent water flow.

In the event water tank is empty the valve X3 opens first. The air starts flowing through it thus preventing the flow of additive.

When both cassette and water tank are full, X3 opens first causing lot of resistance to flow of the water and hence...