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HI/LO Connector In A Right Angle Configuration

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012657D
Original Publication Date: 2003-May-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-May-19
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Right angle configuration for high power/low impedance connector system.

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HI/LO Connector In A Right Angle Configuration

  This publication describes a modification to the High power/low impedance connector system which allows a card, or bus bar, to be plugged in a 90 degree, or right angle, configuration.The standard design configures the connector in a "U" shape which configures the mating card or bus bar, in a 90 degree relationship to the board. Our design changes the connector to a right angle configuration ( Fig.1). This allows the card or bus bar to be plugged in a 180 degree relationship to the board. Also, by splitting the base of the connector (Fig.2), a dual voltage or low inductance design, can be achieved.

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