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Restructuring of branch operating process, and cooperation operating processing with the self-service dealings terminal and the teller terminal,ACM by the customer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012902D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-09
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A series of processing process can be divided into a last process and a back process by improving the processing process of individual business in a bank. Among these, time shortening of a last process can be aimed at by making the customer itself operate a last process using a touch-panel-type input terminal (for it to consider as an electronic book-keeping machine below). This enables it to aim at processing time shortening of bank operating store office work.

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  Restructuring of branch operating process, and cooperation operating processing with the self-service dealings terminal and the teller terminal,ACM by the customer

Problem solved by invention :

The operating processing process in a general bank operating store is as follows.

1. A customer fills in an application form.
2. A customer pulls a numbered ticket at EQ terminal.
3. A customer waits in a lobby.
4. A customer submits the application form which finished entry, cash, and seal to a bank window, and requests procedure.
5. A teller checks the contents of an application form, checks a defect, and registers data via a teller terminal.
6. The machine print of the computer processing result is carried out from a teller terminal, and complete procedure.

The Figure1. shows simplified image.

                     Banking business processing step A BCD E F GH I J K L MNOPQR S T U ・・・・・・

For example

A Open a bank accout. Waiting time. B Seal loss report. Real processing time. C Housing loan new application.

D Remittance-abroad processing.

  A customer waits to pull a receipt number card and for its turn to come. A customer writes down a required matter in an application form, while waiting. A customer stands by until its turn comes. Called by the teller, an application form is passed and procedure is requested.

         A customer stands by until a teller's procedure finishes. A teller requests correction of an entry mistake of a customer of an application form. A customer stands by until a teller's procedure finishes.

Procedure is completed.

The shaded area in Fig. 1 indicate waiting time, and the doted area indicate system processing time.

The merit obtained by changing a last process (1-3) into the self-service input by the customer among the above-mentioned processing processes is as follows.

1. A customer's waiting time can be shortened.
2. The data input mistake by the teller can be prevented.
3. The whole processing time can be shortened.

The feature of an electronic book-keeping machine is as follows.

1. Customer Data Input Interface (Example, Keyboard, Mouse, Software Emulation Keyboard, Voice Input Function, IC/Magnetic Card)
2. Customer Data Display Interface (Example, Screen)
3. Customer Data Output Interface (Example, Printer, IC/Magnetic Card)
4. Receipt Number Card Printing Function
5. Queuing Display Function (Displaying Operating Store and ACM Contact Center Confusion State)









Time series



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How the invention solves these problems. :

Heretofore, data input has been done by a teller using on a handwritten check. But direct input to electronic book-keeping machine using keyboard and touchpanel prevents error in posting and omitting the OCR processing of the check image. The items such as name, address, phone number, a notification matter to a bank, and an addition information required for an application of a financial product can be directly inputted an el...