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Flexible Message Processing System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012977D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-11
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We propose a message processing system for handling multiple message formats and message parsers.

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Flexible Message Processing System

We propose a message processing system for handling multiple message formats and message parsers.



The system is based around an abstract messages and abstract message type definitions. These are presented to programs via a standard message interface and associated message type interface.

The system permits multiple parsers, each of which implements the given message interface and message type interface. (The word 'parser' is used loosely here to include all the functions defined in the interface: message construction, parsing, and editing.)

For example, the system may provide parsers for messages in XML format, standard C structure Cobol copybook format, and custom parsers for industry standard message sets and formats. Each parser must be able to handle both message type definitions and the content of message instances.

message typesA

message instanceA

message instanceB


 generic message system

standard message interface

A program can access the contents of a message without knowledge of its format; for example can extract the field named 'company' from a message without knowing whether the message in XML format, a specific C structure format, or some other format. The same application may use different messages in different formats, and generally still does not need to know. It is required that either (a) there be sufficient information in the message to permit the generic message system to switch...