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A method for controlling the depth of the ink ribbon of a dot-impact printer

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000012990D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jun-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-12
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Disclosed is a method for controlling the depth of the print image of a dot-matrix-printer which has a ink ribbon cassette with an ink tank.

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A method for controlling the depth of the ink ribbon of a dot-impact printer

An ink ribbon cartridge is equipped to the serial-dot-matrix printer. The winding-up of the ink ribbon is interlocked with the print head carrier. Fig.1 and Fig.2 shows the structure how to rolling up the ink ribbon. The ribbon is inserted between the drive gear and the idle gear for ribbon winding up in a ribbon cartridge. The ink ribbon cassette has an ink tank to supply ink to the ink ribbon. The ink is oozed from the ink tank by the capillary tube action through the ink supplement part material. When the ribbon is wound up, a certain amount of ink moves from the ink tank to the ink ribbon through the gear. The ink ribbon Also, a certain amount of ink moves from the ink ribbon onto a sheet of paper (a form) when the printer prints. In a short period, for example while the printer prints one page, the amount of consumed ink 'Ic' is proportional to the number of printed dot 'Nd', and the amount of supplied ink from the ink tank 'Ip' is proportional to the amount of rolling up of a ribbon 'Lr'. To control the 'Lr', the variable speed gear is given to the printer to wind up the ribbon (Fig.3). The printer microcode calculates the 'Ic' from 'Nd' just before start printing. The printer microcode selects the most suitable gear so that the 'Ic' and the 'Ip' should become
the nearest value. Fig. 4 shows the flow chart of this disclosure.


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