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Virtual Monitoring for viewing UUT(Unit Under Test) remotely via Network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013023D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-12
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Virtual Monitoring

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Virtual Monitoring for viewing UUT(Unit Under Test) remotely via Network

Virtual Monitoring

Disclosed is a system for remote engineers to access the UUT (Unit Under Test) through network. These allow the engineers to view the UUT with a remote control camera, test result and other parameters located in server. With the remote access software installed, the remote engineer can access and control the UUT.

The UUT were connected to a network, which the servers provide the OS boot image, test programs and disk space required. The server is also worked as gateway between the test network and company network. Temperature and other measurement sensors were attached to the UUT and recorded the result in the server. Environment chamber was also connected to this system and allow the engineer to change the environment condition. Remote camera was used connected to network and allow the remote engineers to monitor the test environment.

Remote Measurement

RPL Server, Camera Server & Gateway

Remote Control Camera

Remote Testing Remote Monitoring

Remote Control

Remote Client


10/100Mbps Hub

Environenment Chamber


Company Network

Data Acquisition device

Test result and other measurement.


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