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Quiz games attached to video advertisements to enhance brand visibility. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013036D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-12
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Quiz games attached to video advertisements to enhance brand visibility

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Quiz games attached to video advertisements to enhance brand visibility.

  Quiz games attached to video advertisements to enhance brand visibility

Rajendra K. Bera

IBM Global Services, Golden Enclave, Airport Road, Bangalore 560 017, India.

Key words: quiz game, business, brand loyalty, video advertisement.


This invention describes a novel means of building brand visibility among viewers of video advertisements by means of a quiz game in which the viewers participate while watching a video advertisement. The inventions novel features are:

* The selected video device which displays the advertisements is the official player in the game!

* The device has a surrogate family which plays the game on its behalf.
* The winner is a video device but its surrogate family receives the prize.

Quiz games can be made exciting, educative, and focussed. Therefore they provide excellent opportunities for cultivating a brand following through association.

The quiz system

The quiz system comprises

* Multiple video devices, each of which is equipped to receive and display video advertisements, transmit digitial information as electromagnetic signals, and allow a human to select a response from a displayed choice of responses on the device;

* A database system which can receive and store the transmitted digital signals from multiple video devices, and analyse the said stored signals, including picking the winners of the quiz;

* Corresponding to each video device participating in the quiz game, one or more humans who constitute the device's surrogate family. Every member of the surrogate family is eligible to answer any quiz question during the term of the quiz;


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* The list of quiz questions, and for each question in the list its associated group of multiple-choice answers which shall include at least one correct answer;

* A system, including a random number generator, which randomly selects a quiz question from a specified list of quiz questions, and transmits (airs) the selected quiz question and the ad for reception by video devices.

How the game is played

The sponsor of the quiz game initiates the game by announcing the quiz, its schedule, and the rules of the game.

Subsequent to the announcement of the quiz, the sponsor's ads are aired and received on video screens, usually with the quiz game operative. In any airing when the quiz game is operative, the video screen is divided into two portions. One portion (usually the upper) which will carry the ad, the second (usually the lower) portion which will carry a quiz question along with multiple-choice answers. The quiz comprises, among other things, a list of questions. In each airing of the ad with the quiz game operative, a question from the quiz' list of questions is chosen randomly (for example, by a random number generator). The chosen quiz question is then displayed in the second portion of the screen along with its corresponding set of multiple-choice answers from which t...