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A distribution model of digital contents to permit free exchange Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013361D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18
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1 Introduction

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A distribution model of digital contents to permit free exchange

1 Introduction

Disclosed is a system for realizing free-exchange of digital contents by users.

 Recently, there is a serious problem that users violate copyrights by exchanging digital contents between anonymous third person using file-sharing system, such as Napster and Gnutella. Disclosed system provides a kind of solutions for preventing such copyright violation, even though users can exchange files freely.

This system consists of following four basic ideas.

a. Users can exchange digital contents without any payment as long as they uses "copy-servers" which copy from original contents to quality depleted one automatically. These copy-servers are distributed freely and users can run them on their networks.

b. Users can restore depleted contents in order to get original contents. In most cases, users receive some kinds of permission as a result of payment. Payment is processed in accounting system which work with "refresh-server". Details about depletion and restoration processes are mentioned later.

c. Provider of this system runs "refresh-server", whose main role is to restore depleted-contents automatically.

d. Charge collected by "refresh-server" is divided among content authors according to agreement with the copyright foundation. The system provider also receives a part of charge as a fee to use this system.

Fig.1 shows an overview of the proposed system.

original contens, or key to restore contents.


refresh fee

free exchange + depletion

free exchange + depletion




                   Network by Authorcopy server



free exchange + depletion


Fig.1 O verview

2 Quality depleting/refreshing methods

2.1 Rules for quality depletion

 The proposed system provides following two rules for quality depletion. In this section, a content, which is applied n-times quality depletion processes, is called an "n-generation content".


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a. Everyone can get (n+1)-generation contents when an original content is n-generation contents. This rule doesn't consider the number of times to copy from the same source contents.

b. One copy occurs generation change of source contents. In this case, a first person can get (n+1)-generation contents and a second person can get (n+2)-generation contents.

2.2 Examples for methods to depl...