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The Deferred Import Operation: Linking the Managers of a Client and a Service Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013465D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18
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The Deferred Import Operation: Linking the Managers of a Client and a Service


Both virtual enterprises and virtual market places require the
ability to link matching clients and services to allow them to
interact with each other. Thus, service providers advertise their
services in some offer space (such as an electronic equivalent of
Yellow pages, for example), and clients conduct a search through
such a space, usually with the help of some match-making facility
(such as the CORBA Trading service [ OMG 96 ], for example). The
service advertisement or offer contains a description of the
promises the service makes to and the requirements it has of a
prospective client. Similarly, a service search initiated by a
client contains the requirements it has of and the promises it
makes to, a prospective service.

Typically, the advertisement of the service is done so that a
client searching for such a service, is given sufficient
information to bind (link) to and use the matching service.


There are many situations where in addition to the match-making
process, some interaction between the client and service domains
may be necessary prior to the client and service themselves
interacting with each other. Such interaction may, for example,
take place between the management of the client and the
management of the service. In such cases, a successful
match-making process should provide the client domain with
sufficient information to enable it to interact with the service
domain, before the client and the service themselves get
involved. The difference between the typical advertising and
search process and this one must be made explicit so that it is
recognised by both sides, ensuring that the appropriate
information is available to both sides to enable them to conduct
the required interactions.


Where virtual market places and virtual enterprises are
concerned, many interactions are likely to take place between
clients and services belonging to different organisations. In
such circumstances, the set-up of the link between the client and
the service and its usage will require some level of intervention
from the respective authorities/management. This may take


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different forms and may happen at various stages before the
client and service can interact with each other; often it will
depend on the nature of the business relationship between the
organisations involved and the service being provided and

There are a number of examples where further exchange of
information or negotiations is necessary, after an initial
match-making process took place:

   Where there is a need for explicit signing of agreements. In
most cases, this cannot be done as part of the match-making
process, yet must be done prior to the interaction between
the client and service.

   Where the match between the specification of the promises
and requirements of a client and service does not mean that
they can go ahead and interact with each other. Th...