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Using coverage tool to collect performance and correction statistics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013496D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18
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Using coverage tool to collect performance and correction statistics


Collecting and processing mass data to be used for performance monitoring, program understanding and analysis. A methodology for collecting such information already exists, but it does not allow users to view the data in flexible way.

     Solution: We solve this problem by enhancing a previous patent for functional coverage tool (application # 98480030.0, docket ref. FR998016), to collect and store additional user defined data and functions on that data, and display the required measurements.

     Claims * The patent enables collecting and showing statistics regarding the correctness and performance of the tested program using functional coverage tool.
* The patent enables finding correlation between the inputs and outputs of the program and its performance and correctness.

* The suggested method is particularly suited for gathering statistics such as average, min, max, and median on various parameters, such as test length, and variable value.


     In a previous patent (application # 98480030.0, docket ref. FR998016), we described a general purpose coverage tool for measuring coverage on functional coverage models. The tool can be used to collect and display coverage information concerned with how many times tasks were covered. It is some times useful to append statistics to the covered tasks. For example, if the task is to cover all transaction an added statistics could be how long on ave...