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User friendly Aspect Ratio Adjustment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013509D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18
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Invention Requirement Background

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User friendly Aspect Ratio Adjustment

Invention Requirement Background

As playing DVD movie on PC is getting popular, it is not easy for users to
adjust the movie on the screen with correct aspect ratio. The difficulty comes
from a couple of reasons.
1. Sold DVD title encoded with multiple aspect ratio formats. (Squeezed, Wide
2. PC has a variety of display devices like CRT, LCD or TV and their aspect
ratio of the screen are not always same (4x3, 5x4 or 16x9)
3. DVD player application has an option for users to adjust the aspect ration
but it is the user interface not intuitive.
4. It is sometimes not easy for user to know the movie is shown with correct
aspect ration or not.

Following is the example. Figure-1 is correct image on normal TV. Figure-2 is
the case of so-called 'wide TV' and the image is being stretched horizontally.

Figure-1. On normal TV Figure-2. On wide-TV

The Detail of the Disclosed Invention

On the current display architecture of PC system, it is not easy to control
the aspect ratio of the current display device automatically. For example,
there are no way for TV device to notify its aspect ratio to PC or other
controller system. So it is impossible to show an image with correct aspect
ratio always without asking to a user how it looks.

The idea disclosed with this document make it possible to set the correct
aspect ratio for any display device even if user does not have enough
knowledge for the display device or aspect ratio. What user have to do is ju...