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Key board having Palm Mover Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013571D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18
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1. Title : KeyBoard having Palm Mover

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Key board having Palm Mover

1. Title : KeyBoard having Palm Mover

   Original Subject : Input Device with Harmoniztion between
Key-in Device and Pointing Device

2. Abstract :
This invention aims at improving the coexistence of two
input methods, which have totally different properties and
histories. User has to be budging continually between the
different postures for each input device. Main idea of this
invention is to be unification of two postures of input methods
in order to save both time and energy. The invention can be
embodied by two designs; mechanically or electronically.

3. Purpose :
The purpose of this invention is reform two inputting
methods considering coordinations between the different postures
of two input methods. The usual ways of input are Key-in device
(Keyboard) by which user inputs phoneme by phoneme and Pointing
device (Mouse) by which user moves point and click icons under
GUI environment screen. Because these two ways were developed
under totally different environment, they have different usages
and postures to use them. In other words, this invention has a
purpose to unify inefficient coexistence of two input ways, which
are Key-in device and Pointing device, through harmonizing their
postures to minimize waste of time and physical energy used by
continual changing postures.


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    The current input postures, as delineated <Figure 1> and
<Figure 2>, are not harmonized each other, which makes user shift
his/her postures repeatedly like <Figure 3>. This kind of
shifting brings about a number of waste in time and energy. More
advanced user is, more harassing repeated shifting is. That's why
there are many advanced users who use their own customized
pointing device. It is time to consider the harmonization of
postures between two input methods.


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    Because Key-in device, so-called keyboard, has its long
history originated from typewriter machine, it has got in the
saddle for its standard postures. It means it might be better to
keep up keyboard standard position as a basic posture for an
unified input method. It also can prevent most users from feeling
unfamiliar with the postures of new input method.

    Now in the view of keyboard standard position, the part of
the upside on thumb seems proper to drag pointing device while
the thumb of the other hand will be used for clicking the buttons
of Pointing device in this case. Let's call the new pointing
device of this invention "Palm Mover". And also let's call the
part that palm is touching with "Mover". This is described in
<Figure 4>.


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    Here many readers are wondering how inoperable the mover is
because the postures for the keyboard is not perfect for pointing
device. Generally speaking, usual pointing devices so far are all
operated under relative coordinates system; that is to say, user
moves the point on the screen by dragging mouse repeatedly. This
is the same case...