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e-placement : Interractive resume manegement and reference proccess on internet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013675D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18
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With the economic bubble having burst, today we are in a recession called "the Heisei Recession".

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  e-placement : Interractive resume manegement and reference proccess on internet

    With the economic bubble having burst, today we are in a recession called "the
Heisei Recession".

    In spite of the government announcement that the economy is in the road to
recovery the unemployment is record high,
and job promotion has become an important issue.

    This business model, "e-placement", supplies to both individuals and
corporations a service which converts reume for employment processes into
electronic forms and stores them while maintaining both privacy and security.
The service takes advantage of the bi-directional nature of the Internet.

Main Features of "e-placement":

Conversion of resume to electronic form - because it is administered and
made available centrally, there is no need to create a new resume over and

It is possible to search for jobs using input data on specific companies or
job descriptions, and find companies that match the user's requirement to
make job application.

A registrant can select to Opt-in or Opt-out for certain information,
allowing the preservation of anonymity or restricting the companies that
can view their resume data.

An easy-to-use interface using the Internet.

It is possible to register, modify or delete resume data, etc. while
preserving the registrant's identity.

It is possible to search for suitable personnel by keyword search.

      Depending on user options, it is possible to make contact with an
individual either via the e-placement server, or directly.

      By registering interest in certain personnel, it becomes possible to
accept applications from those people.

Running costs are covered by registration fees (maintenance fees) from
companies and applicants and from advertising fees from cooperating

(Fig. 1)


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Outline of the Process for the Individual

(Fig. 2)

Registration of Resume Data:

Resume data is registered over the Internet (using a secure method such as
SSL). (Registration is also possible by post.)

Resume details
Area of expertise keywords for search engine
Mail address
DM permission/refusal
Request for anonymity (where necessary)

Issue of Registrant ID:

A registrant ID that uniquely identifies the registrant is issued. To prevent
fraudulent applications, registration details and the ID are mailed to the
applicant's address. (In the case that a validation authority is available,
its use for validation is also possible.)


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Confirmation of Registrant ID: (Not necessary when a validation authority is

The registrant's willingness to register is confirmed by a method described on
the registration slip (to prevent fraudulent use).


The registrant can freely view, modify and delete their registration data.

Search for Employers:

The registrant can search in the job category of their choice and browse the
results. Additionally, by companies placing "e-placement-no: xxxxx" on their
Web site, it become...