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A business survey method for building business links with accomplished people. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013857D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-18
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A business survey method for building business links with accomplished people

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A business survey method for building business links with accomplished people.

  A business survey method for building business
links with
accomplished people

Rajendra K. Bera

IBM Global Services, Golden Enclave, Airport Road,
Bangalore 560 017, India.

Key words: business, survey, business links.


In many marketing surveys the nature of information
sought from potential or actual customers is often
related to details of their family, personal income,
high-value material possessions, etc with a view to
determining their purchasing power and credit
worthiness. Such questions are often viewed as being
unwarranted intrusions of privacy and a possible
security threat should such information fall into
unscrupulous hands.

Furthermore, in a world driven by knowledge, a world
where customers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable
about the marketplace, a world where knowledge is
freely available on the Net, the seller-buyer
relationship is undergoing a sea change. In the new
Net-connected world, knowledgeable people will emerge
as natural brand ambassadors for many products and

Keeping the above background in view, this invention
describes a novel methodology by which the information
sought is non-intrusive, complimentary to a person, and
helpful in building business relationships. A guiding
principle of the methodology is that only such
information will be sought which people would willingly
provide because they do not feel threatened by parting
with it or because it shows them in good light or both.
For example, people are usually willing to provide


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their name, address, and contact numbers (phone, fax,
email, etc.) to entities perceived as trustworthy in
the normal course of business. People also feel
flattered if asked about their achievements (their
technical expertise, listings in Who's Who, as winners
of major prizes, as public figures, etc.). Accomplished
people are natural opinion builders and they can wield
influence over others unobtrusively because they are
admired. The idea is therefore to design and conduct
surveys which identify accomplished people and, inter
, use their influence in building a customer base.

Thus the basic idea is to identify people who have one
or more of the following qualities:

they are knowledgeable,
they are influential opinion makers,
they are potential partners in business as
employees, consultants, contractors, etc.

and use the information they voluntarily provide in a
survey to develop legitimate business relationships.

The survey methodology

The survey methodology comprises designing of

1. A feel-good, honestly and correctly answerable
survey questionnaire (for example, the DEAR
RESPONDER questionnaire provided below) seeking
information about and the opinions of the responder
to the questionnaire;

2. A post survey proforma (for example, the
RELATIONSHIP BUILDING proforma provided below) on
which actions taken and results obtained can be
recorded with respect to each filled-in survey
questionnaire received...