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Software Package Installation Control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013896D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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Field of Invention: Systems Management

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Software Package Installation Control

Field of Invention: Systems Management

Problem Solved

A method for installing Software Packages via a Web Browser is disclosed hereinafter . The method provides a capability to: - Display Software package names, description, versions, size - Control of the Software Packages available and installed through the Internet Browser front-end - Minimize the time to display software packages names, descriptions, versions and size under heavy load via a Internet Browser as front end. - Security provided dependent on machine name

Objective of the invention

Improve performance and reduce the time period that users required to install a package.


Performance improved over 100% compared to other solutions Status of any software package available on-line Easy maintenance Portable to any Web Server or Database available in the market

Solution Description The solution use a Configuration Database as the control engine of the system, a Web Server as the presentation mechanism, and several perl (cgi scripts) programs to be able to run queries and update the relational database. The solution utilises a Configuration Database where workstations and their status is loaded. The machine names are standardize based on their role or function. The machine name used is as follows VVVFFnn where VVV is the location of the machine, FF is the function or role and nn is a sequential number. As the user logs on to the System the machine name is check out in the Configuration database. The configuration database is queried for those Software Packages that are assigned to that function. Another front end application updates the location codes and their descriptions, function codes and descriptions, software packages and their associated function, and workstations and their status.


The following steps describe how the solution operates.


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C onfiguration D atabase



D atabase C onnection

1W eb Server


Front-E nd


0) Control tables in the configuration Database are updated with the role or function and description
1) cgi scripts are executed to query what packages are available for the specific role or function
2) The Internet browser front-end displays the packages available for that workstations
3) The user clicks an install icon and...