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Migration of 3270 User Interface Transactions to Web User Interface Transactions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013929D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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Migration of 3270 User Interface Transactions to Web User Interface Transactions


Disclosed is an algorithm for converting a 3270 user interface program to a Web user interface program with no change to program logic, where the programs are transactions running under a transaction manager like IBM's CICS system. The algorithm is embodied in a program generator or compiler which automatically generates new source objects for driving a servlet based, dynamic HTML user interface, from source objects which are defined to drive a 3270 terminal from a user interface definition hereafter called a "map".

The map definition specifies constant and variable data elements plus formatting and validation rules for variable values. The program definition includes statements for testing and setting variable field attributes, displaying information to the user and receiving validated input information from the user, and testing which action or function key triggered the sending of the user inputs to the program.

The new programs built by the program generator consist of:

A JavaBean embodying the variables and the formatting and validation methods.

A Java Server Page (JSP) embodying the presentation of constants and variables to the user using dynamic HTML.

A generic servlet which passes information between the JavaBean and the transaction program. The information is in the form of

a data structure whose layout is understood by both the JavaBean and the transaction.

A transaction program embodying the business rules and data store access defined in the original 3270 program.

The information structure passed between the bean carries not only the user data, but also data fields representing variable field

attributes and program and function key information. The passing of user data, field attribute, and event key information in the single

structure makes it possible for the transaction program statements to operate in a way that is compatible with the 3270 program.


A typical embodiment of the disclosure is described. The remainder of the disclosure identifies changes to VisualAge Generator Web Rapid Application Development support that would allow a 3270 main transaction program t o become a web transaction with no change to program logic and automatic migration of 3270 maps to web UI records.

This implies the ability to support the following VisualAge Generator functions for UI records in the same way that they are supported

for 3270 maps.

Program definition

Map definition

Floating maps*

HELP maps


Variable item arrays

Variable attributes*

Variable item edits


Constant attributes*



EZEAID values*

Segmented/non-segmented* transactions

CONVERSE of a map

DISPLAY of a map*

XFER with map*

SET map conditions*

SET map item attributes*

TEST/IF/WHILE map conditions*

TEST/IF/WHILE map item conditions*

Functions not supported include:

Ability to overlay a map on top of other maps. The default HTML...