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Automatic Shutdown of a Computer System Due to Motion or Acceleration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013950D
Original Publication Date: 1999-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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Automatic Shutdown of a Computer System Due to Motion or Acceleration

    Main Idea

This disclosure describes the use of motion sensing devices (e.g. horizontal/vertical accelerometers) in a computer system. These are used to perform a shut down of the computer system during events which cause excessive levels of motion or acceleration, including, but not limited to earthquakes.


The computer server is the simplest place to implement this feature, as many servers now include secondary monitoring systems for environmental events. For example, the Netfinity Server line often includes a System Management Processor which monitors many system-wide environmental events and can also shut down the main CPU. In such a scenario, the new motion sensing device is included on the main system board, or on an adapter, depending on the implementation for the System Management Processor. This auxiliary processor performs the shutdown if excessive acceleration were detected. This solution expands the capability of servers to include shutdown due to earthquakes or in the event of other physical phenomena which cause potentially damaging vibrations. In implementations where the motion sensing devices are located on a System Management Processor adapter, this feature could then be easily applied to workstations and desktop computers.


Accelerometers are placed in the system to detect vertical and horizontal motion. The Systems Management Processor monitors the two s...