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Flexible FAN Control in Servers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013952D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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Flexible FAN Control in Servers

Problem to Solve:

In recent PC based servers, there are several portions to be cooled down. Fig. 1 shows the typical structure of such servers: there are mainly three portions to be cared in the thermal point of view: 1) CPU, 2) Power Supply,
3) Option Cards (N/W cards, RAID cards, and so on). Pow er Supply Option C ards CPU

FA N s

Airflow for P ow er Supply Airflow for C PU
Airflow for O ption C ards

Fig. 1 Typical Server Structure and Thermal Solution

The conventional solution for cooling these three portions is preparing different fan for each portion, and each fan provides the airflow for CPU, Power Supply and Option Cards respectively. However, as Fig. 1 shows, this solution needs at least three fans, and especially if the server is used without the option cards, the fan for cooling option cards is waste.


Adding the swinging function to the fan can reduce the number of fans. Fig.2 shows how this solution works.

Pow er Supply Option C ards




PC C hassis

Airflow for P ow er Supply Airflow for C P U
Airflow for O ption C ards

SW IN G Function

Fig. 2 SWING Fan Solution

By swinging, the fan provides the airflow to the each to-be-cooled portion at some regular intervals. Of course, the fan speed and power should be greater than the conventional solution, the merits by incorporating this solution are as follows.
- Cost Saving: Number of the fans will be reduced. - Space Saving: It can reduce the space occupi...