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An Utility to Manage Battereis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000013982D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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A program is disclosed that enables to maximize battery hours in a party. This program allocates

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An Utility to Manage Battereis

     A program is disclosed that enables to maximize battery hours in a party.
This program allocates

     AC adapters dynamically to multiple Notebook PCs with AC adapter routing

     This routine algorithm gets all battery remaining capacitys from Notebook
PCs, then compare it,
after that, allocates AC adapers from least battery capaciry PC.

Fig.1 shows .................

In situations such as business trips, meetings and negotiations, taking
ThinkPad and making presentations or checking mail has become an everyday

However, at times such as these the problem of battery duration has been a
source of trouble.

The battery duration of the current ThinkPad model is given in the catalog as
between 2.5 - 4 hours.

However, even if, for example, the battery is given a full charge before
setting out for a meeting, by the time the morning session has ended and you
are heading into the afternoon session, you have to continue using your PC
while worrying about the remaining battery life.

Especially when you are due to make a presentation or demonstration in a
business meeting, there is nothing worse than the battery running out during
your presentation or demonstration.

Of course, there is an AC adapter for times such as this. If you are carrying
an AC adapter, it provides one solution to the problem.

However, there are times when a group of several people takes part in the same

  Especially in meetings during a business trip, it is no longer rare for
several of the participants to have their ThinkPad computers open at the same
time. In cases such as this, it is not efficient for all the participants to
carry around their AC adapters. On a business trip you usually try to carry
as few things as possible. Also, in most cases there are a limited number of
AC outlets in the meeting room, so the number of AC adapters that can be used
is limited.

Fortunately, the ThinkPad AC adapter has a standard connection, meaning that
all ThinkPad model types can use the same AC adapter. Due to this fact, one
practical solution to the problem of battery duration that can be taken is to
share the AC adapter, with members of the group using it in turn as needed.
However, there is a limit to how well you can switch the AC adapter by hand
with optimal timing. In most cases, at the time the meeting ends, the PC that
was connected to the AC adapter is fully charged, but the other PCs are nearly

Additionally, there is the problem that when there are a number of AC adapters
that can be used, allocating the AC adapters optimally by hand is impossible.

From the above situation, and considering P...