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Multi Web Screen for Intranet User Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014013D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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Multi Web Screen for Intranet User


    This invention enables an user to use plural applications on
different platforms
from one screen on PC at a time , where Web technology is
being used .

This would be mainly for intranet users within company .


    Currently , as an internal system , we have various
platforms, such as
a Web system, a Notes system and a Host system, etc.

    The user always has to know where the application that
he/she likes to use is
and which platform it is on, and also has to keep it in the
latest condition .

    Therefore, most users want to improve the usability of these
and to be relieved from the busy operations based on
different platforms.

    However to solve this problem is too difficult, due to
platform environment
differences .

Solution and Merit

The invention provides the Web screen which enables all application to
started on different platforms at the same user interface at a time.
(i.e. Front end images, such as icons, of all applications
are located
on this single Web screen )

      1. With this screen, the user does not need to know where
the applications are,
so that he/she can use the applications promptly .

       2. By centralizing all applications in one screen, the
optimization of a system
environment (i.e. being kept in the latest condition) can be
done by a developer
of the system or each applications. Accordingly, there is no
need to deliver

    CD-ROM for optimization to user, which contributes to the
cost reduction.


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( especially in the field of Client server application )

      3. The user is relieved from the application update work
for optimization
and easily can optimize their applications by this screen
function .

    At the same time , the developer can prevent application
issues caused
by the difference in system versions.

How to Perform Function

    For intranet users , the system which they usually need to
use is itemized
as follows .

1-1. Host system (example: CICS , IMS , etc )

1-2. Notes System (example: mail function , etc )

1-3. Web System

1-4. Client server system (example: VB , Visualage, etc)

1-5. Other System (example: 123, Excel , Wordpro, etc)

The above classification can be changed from time to time.

    The applications on the above systems, front end images of
which might be
on desk top screen or be registered in a Web bookmark
respectively, often
require the work for optimization or refreshment. But the
user sometimes
forgets where the application is and has trouble to find it.
The invention's one screen solution presents the stable
application system
for the user and resolves the above-mentioned problem.

    This solution provides one screen image having a plug-in

    This plug-in function enables an user to link to the above
itemized systems and
enables a developer to keep the applications optimized.

The following is how to log in the above systems .

(1-1). Host system is started and activated on one WEB screen, through a 32
emulator which is already installed. It cannot...