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OS/390 Unix System Service & MVS Job Integrated Execution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014057D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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OS/390 Unix System Service MVS Job Integrated Execution Motivation for development

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OS/390 Unix System Service & MVS Job Integrated Execution

Motivation for development ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In OS/390 USS(Unix System Service), the UNIX programming or porting are required , IBM itself is making much efforts to port the severable package which are running on UNIX platform into OS/390 USS environment such as Lotus notes, and SAP etc these porting takes much time and cost,but similar function or program already exists in the MVS environment, those of which are well tuned and efficient
execution. MVS has many utility program, some of them such as SORT program has the best performance compare to ot in the other platform. in some customer's environment, some of MVS program are wanted to be run from USS environment or on USS environment from the performance and functional points of view. The following two functional interface and programs are developed to meet these kind of requirement from USS command and the shell.

Benefit to Customer or ISV ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This interface and programs give the benefit to the productivity to development or port to OS/390 USS environment, by using the efficient MVS program which already exists. this may promote the migration to OS/390 from the other UNIX platform.

Comparison of UNIX environment and New Interface ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

All programs in OS/390 USS are worked with the UNIX file systems(HFS), and these program can not use the MVS JCL(Job COntrol Language), and must use the fil...