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Handling Cassette for large glass panels Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014070D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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Disclosed is a handling cassette design for large glass panels.

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Handling Cassette for large glass panels

Disclosed is a handling cassette design for large glass panels.

                  Current cassette for glass panels (Example : LCD panels) is
designed for glass handling with
automated robot. With increasing of glass size, glass sagging in
the cassette and on the robot
arm for handling makes stress against circuit pattern on the
surface. On the other side,
cassette pitch between glasses is required more space due to avoid
interference between
glasses and robot hands during glass handling with sagging which is
caused by their self weight.

                  As shown in the figure, disclosed handling cassette is
designed to hold large glasses with
multiple supporting pads which are placing on the cross bars.
The layout of these supporting
pads are designed for reducing glass sagging when to locate large
glass in this disclosed cassette.

                  The characteristic of this cassette is available to make
handling glasses without robot.


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            From the open space which is placing at bottom plate of this
cassette, glass handling roller
conveyor can easily access each bottom surface of glasses in the
cassette. This accessing
method with roller conveyor can avoid glass sagging by handling with
multiple supporting pads
under the bottom glass plane.

                  Other characteristic is no need to change glass holding
position against different size of
glass panels. This advantage is related with holding glasses
by friction of multiple supporting
pads. Th...