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Method for network-aware process management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014386D
Original Publication Date: 1999-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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A method is disclosed which provides for robust process management in a network environment.

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Method for network-aware process management

A method is disclosed which provides for robust process management in a
network environment.

     In a network environment, particularly in a
test lab (where this disclosure has had the most
use), the ability to manage processes (start, stop,
and query) on a remote system is important. This
problem has been approached by other applications
such as rexec and various system management
packages. However, these have all fallen short in
the following areas addressed by this disclosure.

     1) In a test environment, it is often
necessary to manipulate a set of processes in a
group. The method disclosed allows for a process
to be started as part of a named workload. This
allows all the process that are started as part of
the workload to be stopped or queried as a single
unit, without needing to stop or query each
individual process in the group separately.

     2) When using Graphical User Interface (GUI)
automation tools it is frequently necessary to have
an application window with a fixed title, which
allows the tool to identify the window. The method
disclosed allows the window title of the process to
be specified when the application is started.

     3) When a process is started synchronously,
most other methods provide the process' exit code
upon completion, and it is straightforward enough
to determine the processes start and stop times.
However, when the process is started
asynchronously, other methods do not allow this
information to be obtained easily. The metho...