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New test fixture mechanism for EOL and ICT Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014407D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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The point of this invention.

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New test fixture mechanism for EOL and ICT

The point of this invention.

Disclosed is a new test fixture by using electric
conductivity rubber instead of mechanical probe.

Usual method.

1, In case of printed circuits verify.

We have to use mechanical probe for
End-Of-Line (EOL) test to verify open/short
of all of each nets. It had a demerit that
the test fixture required for each printed
circuits one by one.

2, In case of assembled card.

We need to design to consider test point
pitch, quantity and size for In-Curcuit
tester that used for card level open/short

The purpose of this invention.

1, To build common EOL test fixture for
printed circuits.
2, Reduce test point area and design effort.
(we can able to do more high density curcit
design by reducing test point).


The new test fixture using electric conductivity
rubber for test probe and make contact to
individual component's Pad (or Via) by press fit to
printed circuits.

Also, test program made automatically by using
printed circuits design data.

By using this mechanism, no more required
individual test fixture for each printed circuits
and assembled cards.