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A Data Backup Method for Computers having Removable HDDs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014486D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-19
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A Data Backup Method for Computers having Removable HDDs

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A Data Backup Method for Computers having Removable HDDs

A Data Backup Method for Computers having Removable HDDs

Disclosed is a method to backup the primary HDD's data automatically into the secondary HDD without user's interaction or awareness. This method is designed to protect the backup data from any impact to the HDDs and to eliminate any user waiting for the backup completion.

Usually the system is working in HDD Normal Mode. (Fig's (b)) In this case, the secondary HDD is merely used to store any data or a part of Operating System.

By changing from HDD Normal Mode to HDD Backup Mode, the secondary HDD cannot be accessed by any Operating System drivers or applications due to a certain hardware mechanism disabling the secondary HDD functions or the interface to the HDD. (Fig's (a)) Only the system firmware knows a special mechanism and a method to write the data to the secondary HDD. In this case the disabled secondary HDD is parked or powered down for its disk head protection.

The computer system has suspend/resume function or power-on function by timer or both. When the system setup is configured in Automatic Power-on Backup Mode, the system will be automatically powered on at a certain time when users do not operate the computer and will start to back up the primary HDD's contents into the secondary HDD after enabling the secondary HDD's functions and the interface to it. (Fig's (c)) After the completion of the backup the firmware can disable the secondary HDD's functions and force the HDD to the parking or power-down state again. And then the system will be powered down automatically. When the primary HDD or its contents is destroyed by some reasons, users can exchange the primary HDD with the secondary HDD and they will be able to boot the system normally with the previous system configuration.

Some computer have suspend/resume functions to suspend/resume the Operating System. The disclosed method can also use this resume f...