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Original Publication Date: 2000-Feb-01
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System for brokering services in almost real-time or on demand

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System for brokering services in almost real-time or on demand

    The described System is related in the area of e-commerce on the web and could lead to a new business model, which could be broadly adapted within the next two to five years. With the advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web, there are new business models developing which would be impossible without this underlying technology and infrastructure. Essentially it's the network computing area and the worldwide availability of the Web which makes this system possible (and feasible).

    The system is concerned with brokering services almost in real time or on demand. To understand this new concept better, we will introduce one example, which will show how the invention works. This document comprises of the following sections:

1. Problem statement
2. Proposed solution
3. System architecture of components and description
4. Advantages and benefits

1. Problem Statement

    First, let us consider for instance a programmer who wants to make his/her services available for potential customers who are in need of programming. However, this programmer already has a full time position with company A. His/her motivation is to be able to gain some extra money in his/her leisure time. Essentially this programmer wants to work for a couple of hours a week on the side as a contractor, performing programming services. Moreover, this programmer wants to have the flexibility, to decide instantly, whether he/she wants to accept some work or not. For example, this programmer could already have decided to attend a baseball game on Saturday afternoon. Ten minutes before the game the programmer decides to not attend the game. Rather he/she wants to work instead. In order to achieve this he/she will offer his/her services specifying a time frame, and make this information available to the invention. Our invention will perform a profile matching and assign a work task to this programmer, which will meet the criteria. This whole process is handled very efficient, automatically, and quickly. Within 5 minutes our proposed system could assign this programmer a programming job (if one is available at this time), acting hereby as a broker, which will meet the desired properties. The programmer is able to accept or to decline this task.

    On the other hand there could be a company, who is in desperate need of a programmer in order to meet a deadline for a project. Through an unexpected problem this company needs a contractor for at least one day to help out. Moreover, the day and time this contractor is needed is immediately. With current job brokering facilities this is probably not doable. It requires typically some time to find the appropriate person. However, the proposed system will be able to find a person, who offers these services immediately, so that the company can get the work done. Also a company is able to accept such a proposal...