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Method and Procedure to Dynamically Migrate Between Incompatible CHPID Types Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014659D
Original Publication Date: 2002-May-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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  Method and Procedure to Dynamically Migrate Between Incompatible CHPID Types

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01 02 F0 F8 F0 F8

Redefine FCV to CNC

SWAP device

0414 F414

Dynamically add new CU

Dynamically add new DASD







Dynamically delete old CU and device

(3) Configure CHPID Online

Migration from ESCON interfaces to FICON interfaces can be a disruptive process with some processor and control unit implementaions. For control units this is because the control unit implementation cannot allow identical path group identifers for ESCON and FC interfaces at the same time, actively grouped or not. Some processor implementaions may also have implementation restrictions that cannot allow coexsistence of ESCON and FICON paths to the same control unit definition. Customers require the ability to migrate from ESCON interfaces to FICON interfaces without having to stop applications from accessing the devices. The following process describes how operating systems can achieve this function without control unit support.

A non-disruptive migration will be achieved by having the customer define a second set of physical control units and I/O devices for the Shark subsystem. This second set will be defined with the native FC CHPID types. This new configuration definition can be performed dynamically using Dynamic Reconfiguration Management. The new FC CHPIDs can even be redefined from a subset of the channel paths from the original ESCON configuration. Once the new set of FC CHPIDs, control units and devices have been defined, the customer will invo...