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Url parameter caching on server side Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014715D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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Disclosed is an method to make a HTTP request with parameters in separate HTML pages by caching

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Url parameter caching on server side

Disclosed is an method to make a HTTP request with parameters in separate HTML pages by caching
parameters on server side.

For mobile phone browser such as i-mode*(registerd trademark of NTT DoCoMo Co. Ltd.) terminals,
there are limitations, in width and height of screen and in byte size of page can be received.
Developers will encounter some difficulties related to these limitation when they try to
redesign existing web page which was designed for PC browser, if existing page has some input
fields and has a link to CGI program. By separating this type of pages into a few pieces,
existing CGI becomes unavailable. Developer also required to redesign existing CGI.

This invention allows developers to re-use existing CGI after separating existing HTML file into
a few pieces by providing function to make a single request with cached parameters in separated
pages. With this function, developers can design web pages for mobile phone browsers more

To enable parameter caching on server side, CGI program which allows user following operation is

1. Create a new cache for target URL on server side
2. Add parameters to created cache
3. Update cached parameters
4. Execute query to target URL with cached parameters
5. Specify output url after cache CGI execution
Request for these operation should be present in request URL of cache cgi as parameters
To allow users only to access cache record of their own, cached parameters must be protect...