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MOSFETs and their control for bridge diodes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000014988D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jan-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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MOSFETs and their control for bridge diodes

Summary of invention :

This invention is related to the AC/DC power supply and enables to make the input line ON/OFF dynamically with a MOSFET in the power supply. The MOSFET is located immediately after the AC voltage rectifying bridge diode. The following merits are brought by this invention.

1. By turning off the MOSFET, protection against over-current is possible without cutting the fuse in the input line.
2. By turning on the MOSFET gradually(soft start), inrush current to the power supply is prohibited. Conventional power supply had a relay and a resistor in parallel in the input line to prevent the inrush current.
3. By turning off the MOSFET, protection against input surge voltage is available. Conventional power supply had a surge absorber in the input line in order to protect the surge voltage on the input of the power supply.
4. By turning off the MOS FET, it is possible to separate the power supply from the input power source and to prevent unnecessary electric power consumption when the AC / DC power supply is not in use.

So, with this invention it becomes very easy to control the input current and voltage to the power supply and it also eliminate the unnecessary power consumption and heat during unuse.