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Foot control mouse device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015003D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Sep-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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Foot control mouse device


Keyboard and mouse are both the most important input device. People use them coordinately to interact with computer. For that keyboard should be operated by two hands and mouse by one hand, in most circumstance people need to move one hand from keyboard to mouse and then from mouse to keyboard frequently.This largely slow down the input speed, especially when you fill in a table in browser or do some operation which need to locate input focus and type key in alternately.


If we put the mouse moving controller to foot, then two hands can operate keyboard dedicatedly, the input efficiency will be largely speed up.

Foot is not as nimble as hand, here we only use foot to move mouse cursor. The foot mouse cursor controller is far different from general mouse.

1.It is not suitable for foot to move in large scope.
2.Foot controller cannot act as sensitive as general mouse.

According to above, we design the controller use press button other than trace ball. See the following figure

With a broad pad, foot can accomplish mouse cursor moving by changing pressure in different directions on the pad. The pad transports the pressure to direction button, button sends out certain signal to command the cursor to move. This design limits the movement of foot, and prevents the device from too sensitive to use.

The mouse buttons can be controlled by hand. Add two mouse buttons to keyboard below space bar, or make a single two key panel put it be...