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The fellow passenger of taxi arangement system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015019D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Aug-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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Name of Invention:The fellow passengers of taxi arangement system

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The fellow passenger of taxi arangement system

Name of Invention:The fellow passengers of taxi arangement system

Summary of Idea: This system arrange fellow passengers of taxi who's current place and his/her destination are adjacent automatically, when the user request to arrange taxi with his/her destionation by internet connected PC or mobile phone or movile terminal.

How To work.
1. A user register the system and make account of the system previoously.
2. When the user request to arrange taxi, s/he access the system and have an authenticate with his/her user-id and password.
3.The user indicate the destination with using a registed destination (e.g. his/her home), ZIP code or phone number.
4.The user indicate his/her current posision by selecting a current position within a list composed with registed place ( e.g. his/her office) or position information of mobile phone or terminal.
5.The system select fellow passengers who's current place and destination are adjacent using the information indecated in above 3. and 4. and caluculate an estimated fee and respond a result of arrangement which include a taxi identification number , a number of fellow passengers , a fee by person and a fee in case s/he ride by one for reference , where s/he waiting for a taxi and when a taxi will pick up the to the user.
6.The user confirm the result of request and make decision to use it or wait for a next better arrangement or cancel request or request taxi for usual single passanger...