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Comparison of tables in distributed relational database, and identification of discrepant columns Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015098D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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TCMP table comparison utility

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  Comparison of tables in distributed relational database, and identification of discrepant columns

TCMP table comparison utility

Tcmp is a utility which compares tables in two distributed relational databases, and identifies columns where data differs .

Tcmp - tables match?

Source server table

Target server table

Row count, column count, contents of column must match!

tmTcmp is a tool which compares two IBM® DB2® Universal Database tables or views using a checksum algorithm. The algorithm accumulates checksums not with exclusive-or but with unsigned addition mod 2**32 in order to detect permutations within a column. It is invoked at the DB2 Universal Database command prompt on the Microsoft Windows, AIX® , Solaris or HP operating systems and on OS/390® using JCL or interactively under TSO/DSN . Its package consists of one executable and one .bnd file or DBRM dataset which must be bound to the database servers on which the tables reside. All databases supported by IBM DB2 Universal Database are supported by tcmp . This includes DB2 federated systems which allow the user to create and access data on non DB2 databases . Please see the IBM DB2 Universal Database documentation for a list of all servers supported. The tcmp utility does a row by row comparison of the tables. A unique index is not required, but the table structures must match exactly ( with the exception of NULLity of columns ). If one table is a subset of the other, consider creating a view to compare th...