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A browser program with a function for slashing busy banners Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015166D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Sep-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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A browser program with a function for slashing busy banners


With explosive expansion of commercial Web sites, the number of banner advertisements on suds pages is more and more increasing. Banner advertisements tends to be showy and flashy, because they have to draw viewers' attentions even if such viewers look at the web page without paying special attentions. Thus, some of banner advertisements are designed to use quick motions of image and text, and/or quick changes of their colors, like neon signes in Las Vegas. Excessive flash of colors and busy movement of banners disturbs viewers from reading the main articles in a page.

Disclosed is a new browser system, which has a function to freeze or slash away excessive flashy or busy banners.


A new browser system has the following capabilities.

1. I can count the number of pixels changed in a certain period of time for each displayed element in the current displayed page.
2. If the number of pixel changes exceeds the predefined limit, the browser will perform either of the following.
1) Change the whole display element to blank or predetermined fixed pattern.
2) Replace the whole display element with the still image for certain period to make the picture not to move or flash.

In the above scheme, the limit of the change can be selected by a viewer from among predefined options. A viewer can select one of the options, such as;

a) Do not exceed 0 % in every one-second time frame
b) Do not exceed 0 % in two continuous one-second time frames, and.
c) Do not exceed 10% in two continuous one-second time frames.

The option, a) is the most strict limit that only allows the still (not-moving) image, Moving or changing images are slashed away. In the option, b), a certain picture switching some display elements will be allowed because the change rate may exceed 10% in a certain tim...