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Secure Hard Drives Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015256D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Oct-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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Secure Hard Drives


1:Disclosed Invention is HDD in which data encryption engine is embedded. Main idea of this disclose is "encryption key" which resides in volatile memory inside HDD and used for data encryption by the engine. This key only resides when HDD power is on and it is erased when HDD power is off. So, in case HDD is detached from the system unlawfully , the key for data encryption is erased automatically. This means that it can prevent encrypted data from decoding when stolen.

2:Disclosed is a HDD which embeds data encryption engine inside. All handed data is encrypted when it's written and decrypted when it's read by the engine.

3:Each HDD also has unique id on nonvolatile memory inside.And system has matching table for HDD-id and created key. Software for creating key need to be installed in Server-system beforehand which is connected to HDD.

Concrete procedure of this disclose is as follows.

HDD is attached to the server system.

Software in server system creates a unique key based on HDD-id and adds the key and HDD-id in

the table. Software in server system writes created key on volatile memory inside HDD.

All data handed to HDD from server system is encrypted by the encryption engine using the

unique key. All data handed to server system from HDD is decrypted by the encryption engine using the unique

key. When HDD is extracted from the server system, Key is erased since HDD power is off.








Key Features: Created key is alw...