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Using Bluetooth in Smart Homes for Automatic Replay of Missed Tasks Due to Power Outages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015343D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Mar-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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Using Bluetooth in Smart Homes for Automatic Replay of Missed Tasks Due to Power Outages

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Using Bluetooth in Smart Homes for Automatic Replay of Missed Tasks Due to

Power Outages

Disclosed is a Bluetooth based application environment for automatic retry/replay of missed tasks/event by Bluetooth enabled home appliances and devices after a power outage.

The wireless Bluetooth protocol can be used for short range radio communication in a master-slave environment for device control and data exchange. The future will witness a tremendous explosion in the application of the Bluetooth protocol as a cable replacement alternative and also because of its ability to network any enabled digital device over short distances. This will be especially useful in smart home environments of the future where devices will have inter-communication capabilities.

The main facilitator in our framework is a Bluetooth based piconet comprising of:

Bluetooth enabled home appliances: the slaves of the network. These are the regular appliances in the home environment - microwaves, washer, dryers, ovens, video cassette recorders, refrigerators etc. which can inter-communicate and have the ability to be programmed from the outside (by issuing control commands over the piconet) and also the ability to record their state (what actions have been performed, what was being performed when the power went out etc.) Bluetooth enabled controller: the master of the piconet that controls the network and periodically invokes the replay/retry mechanism in the slaves in response to failed, missed or incomplete actions. This can be an Internet connected laptop or a PC or a handheld device or cell phone that can contact the individual home appliances and issue commands over the network. It has to have a MMI for input of user commands. The master also has the ability to periodically record the states of the individual slaves and store it for later retrieval.

A Bluetooth application runs on the devices in the network which will perform an automatic retry/replay of the actions missed or incomplete due to a power outage. The entire rollback and replay mechanism can be controlled by the user. However, some system state has to be preserved to allow the repl...