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Cooperating Web Site Link Model Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015360D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Feb-14
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Title: A System for Maintaining Currency of Links between Cooperating Web Sites.

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Cooperating Web Site Link Model

Title: A System for Maintaining Currency of Links between Cooperating Web Sites.

Any web site ("the linking site") whose pages links to another site's pages ("the target site") is susceptible to the pages on the target site being relocated without any knowledge of the move being communicated to the linking site. This results in a situation called a "dead-link" - a link which does not produce the intended target site's page, but instead produces a "Page Not Found" condition to the user of the linking site.

It would be preferable that the linking site's source be automatically updated to reflect the current location of a target site's pages which the linking site references. The result would be that users of the linking site would avoid the "dead-link" situation when attempting to link to relocated pages on a target site.

Components which provide a system to maintain the currency of a linking site's source pages would be comprised of the following :

1. a registry which contains static information about a target link (location, unique identifier (UNID), owner) and is able to identify changes to the information associated with those target links

2. a means for communicating that information associated with a target link has changed - the communication is intended for the linking site

3. a means for automatically updating the linking site's source when directed to do so via the communications set forth in step #2

Cooperating Web Site Link Model

This model provides a registry into which qualified links are stored, a monitoring process which recognizes an outage, and a means for automatically updating the HTML source of the linking site.

PSW - 07/30/2001

Step # 2a Register Interest in a Target Link

Step # 1 Export Target Links

Step # 2b Export source HTML and provide exit for automatic updating of source.

The components of this solution interact as follows:

Linking Web Site Target Web Site

Registry Service

Step # 3 Agent recognizes change in exported target link

Step # 4 Subscriber is notified

Step # 5 Source HTML is updated by driving exit supplied by Linking Web Site

Exported HTML


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Step #1: The Target Web Site exports its URLs to the Registry Service after determining which URLs qualify. The qualification process might involve factors such as how deep a URL resides within a hierarchy of related information on the Target Web Site, or identification of an entry point into a service provided by the Target Web Site at the URL...