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Detachable Extra Cooler Unit for Portable System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015411D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Feb-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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Detachable Extra Cooler Unit for Portable System

- Abstract

Since CPU power dissipation has been increased year by year and a lot of heat is generated in the system. By implement a cooling device in the auxiliary storage bay (ultra bay for thinkpad), it cools system powerfully when user requires low cover temperature for comfortable operation.

- Current Problem As possible as small cooling equipment with a narrow margin is implemented in an orinary notebook PC because small form factor, light weight and long battery hour are required. For this reason, the cover temperature can not be kept low temperature(ex. less than 30degC). When user operates notebook PC on lap for a long time, user does not use it comfortably. By dedicating the detachable extra cooler unit, a lot of heat is emitted out from system, and cover temperature is reduced.

- Current approach It is difficult to get more cooling capability in current notebook PC because the cooling unit is miniaturized by limitation of area and also number of fan rotation is restricted by acoustic restriction. Moreover, extra cooling for comfortableness is not considered in the notebook PC which sets better battery hour as main functional targets.

- Solve problem The conceptual model of cooler is shown in Fig. 1. It is considered not only to implement fan but also battery. In order not to consume system battery, it has a small battery(ex.1W capacity). Moreover there is enough space in the storage bay, large diameter fan can be used. This mean, in order to keep same air flow as small size fan, number of fan rotation can be reduced and low acoustic level can obtain. Block diagram is shown in Fig.2. Micro controller is implemented to interface with system CPU, control fan on/off/speed...