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Conditional Testcase Exclude List Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015438D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jan-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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When testing software it is often necessary to test the program

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Conditional Testcase Exclude List

   When testing software it is often necessary to test the program
on different platforms and different versions of the software at
the same time. When running tests particularly when doing
functional verification it is advantageous to run a large number of
small tests. The programs which perform these tests are known as
testcases and a collection of these is known as a test suite. When
running a test suite on different platforms and versions of the
program under test there will be some testcases that only work on a
subset of platforms or versions of the program under test. There
will also be testcases that we don't always want to run because
they require extra software to be installed or they take a long
time to run or they deliberately crash the system the test is
running on to check how errors are handled.

     It is accepted practice in software test systems to use an
exclude list. This lists the testcases that should not be run for
various reasons such as a fault in the testcase. The idea of this
invention is to provide conditional exclusion information in the
exclude list so the tester can choose to run testcases that are
only appropriate to the version of the program being tested, the
platform it is being tested on, extra software that is installed

     The advantage is:
One test suite can be used on all combinations of the following:

Operating system .
Version of program under test.
Test systems with varying extra software installed which may
be required by some testcases.

Test systems with and without other software running not
involved in the test.

     A tester uses a program cal...