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Firmware of an electric appliance management system using wireless LAN Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015488D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jan-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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Firmware Control System for Home Appliances by a Wireless Lan System

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Firmware of an electric appliance management system using wireless LAN

Firmware Control System for Home Appliances by a Wireless Lan System

1, Outline of the innovation.

Disclosed is a system for providing the mechanism for managing products by verifying and correcting problems with home appliances containing firmware using a wireless Lan system.

We believe that we are currently moving from a throw away culture to a more sustainable era, that·s why this innovation will be successful.

The technology necessary for this innovation to function is composed of Host common function, PC common function, Home electronics common function, and wireless Lan)

Outline of this innovation is as follows,

1, The manufacturers of home appliances provide information for correcting firmware problems relating to their own products through B2C. (Host function)

2, The consumer chooses the relative information from the Host Firmware Service Site or the providers home page. The information is then downloaded to the PC and transferred via wireless Lan to the firmware. (PC function)

3, The home appliances receive the software via wireless Lan, then proceeds to correct the problem. The results are recorded in the product history on the PC. (Home appliances function)

2, Effects of this innovation.

1, For the manufacturer; reduce the cost of trouble shooting, maintenance and management cost. The manufacturer is able to repair the product without delay increasing consumer satisfaction. The manufacturer also gains detailed information about the consumer, so can provide more precise and more detailed information according to the consumers needs.

2, Consumers can gain real time firmware maintenance services at home. Shipping costs and time are reduced. As a result, availability of the product will increase highly.

3, As IBM, we can sell the structure (mechanism) of this innovation, together with wireless Lan and PC.

3, Detailed description of the system.

A. Process flow

1. Host Function (see Fig.1 ·)

1). When the manufacture creates the maintenance information it is placed on the Host Site. This site will constantly be upgraded with the latest information and accessed via the B2C system.

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