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BluePayz : A Seamless Payment Method Using Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phones Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015495D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Feb-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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BluePayz : A Seamless Payment Method Using Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phones


Seamless payment has been associated with providing consumers greater purchasing convenience as well as reducing the time spent to pay for your goods. This is helped by the promotion of a "cashless" society in many countries, meaning card-based payment is the predominant kind of payment method. However, this method may not be the most effective and repercussions have been seen in the forms of counterfeit credit cards, card lost, etc.

This invention discloses a new and more efficient form of payment. Imagine that you could pay for your goods you have purchased from the supermarket by just keying in a pin number into your phone. The price to be paid will be displayed on the user's cellphone and all the user has to do is to enter a number to authorize the payment. The transaction will be over even before a queue can be formed. No longer will you need to be frustrated by long queues or worried about not having enough cash to pay for your purchases. All the information required will be stored inside your Bluetooth-enabled cellphone and info is transmitted using Bluetooth technology.

This invention is not only applicable in the retail industry; but any places that request for payment from the consumers, particularly when the payment amount is small. Examples may include the following:

1. Vending machines
2. Carpark payment machines
3. Taxis
4. Supermarkets

The invention benefits both the shoppers/consumers and the retailers.

Advantages for the Consumers:

a) As mentioned above, one does not have to depend on just cash and cards to pay for their purchases.
b) Precious time is saved from waiting in the queues.

Advantages for the Retailers:

a) Less queuing time means more consumers can be served during the same period of time which will translate to higher sales.
b) Ease of payment will mean more customers will be attracted to spend.

Process Workflow:

This invention can be considered as a new service offered by telco operators. It works like a credit card in the sense that mobile phone users that subscribe to this service will be able to pay their purchases using their phone at specific locations.

In order to have this service, a user with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone will be given a personal ID that is generated by an algorithm based on the SIM card ID stored in the SIM card that he is using. This will be the PIN ID to authorize payments successfully.

At payment stations, eg. Cashier lane of a supermarket, a Bluetooth receiver is installed by the side of existing cash registers. When a shopper comes forward to pay for the things purchased, he can


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choose to pay the outstanding amount by Bluepayz. The cashier will select the appropriate payment method and the Bluetooth receiver will scan for the Bluetooth mobile phone that will be used to make the transaction. The moment the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone is detected, its SIM card ID will be capt...