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Configurable Printer Hot Keys Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015525D
Original Publication Date: 2002-May-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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Disclosed is an application that allows industrial printer operators to configure the

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Configurable Printer Hot Keys

Disclosed is an application that allows industrial printer operators to configure the

printer to their own needs so they can quickly access functions their shop uses

often and hide other functions their shop rarely uses.

The typical embodiment described below works by having the user set two drop-down boxes on the printer console. There is a drop-down menu for each specialty button. The list contains the list of possible actions to assign to that button. If the user doesn't assign a value to that button then the buttons will be defined a default value.

When the user has finished selecting the values for the buttons, the labels for the buttons change to reflect the new settings (see figure below):

In the figure above, the user selected "Advance Paper" and "Set Print Registration" as the two most important tasks in their shop.

In the case of the Advance Paper function, this will automatically advance the paper on the printer, without the user having to go to a separate screen to press a button to do this.

In the case of the Set Print Registration button this will take the user to the screen where they can enter these values. Having a button that takes them to a screen automatically saves them extra button pushes and possible errors.


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