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Earphone with Speech Synthesizer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015542D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-20
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The problem

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Earphone with Speech Synthesizer

The problem

    The use of messaging middleware is state of the art in connecting enterprise applications. The idea of the present publication is to go a step further so that not only applications are being connected but also people. This can be done by bringing together well known technologies like speech generation, XML and wireless transmission techniques.

    The easiest way to communicate to a person is speaking. Therefore it is natural to present standardized digital messages (for example in XML-notion) in spoken language.

The solution

    Disclosed is a personal messaging interface which consists of an earphone with an integrated processing device for speech generation. The device receives messages via cable or wireless. The advantage is that transmitted messages can be rather short although they lead to a lot of speech (reduction of bandwidth). Then the messages are put into an input queue. Transmission speed, processing and narrating speed may be different. Therefore queues are used to make the different components as independent as possible. From the input queue the messages are processed. The output is then transformed into speech. Interaction via manual controls is possible. They can be located either at the earphone or at a remote control. Outbound messages can originate from manual interaction.

manual control external sound sources

transmission input queue

transmission output queue


 processing output queue

speech gener...