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Original Publication Date: 2002-Jul-20
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Field of the invention

The invention relates to messaging systems and relates more particularly to messaging system features that enhance the utility of the messaging system.


Numerous messaging techniques exist, including electronic mail systems (e-mail) and voice messaging (voice mail) systems. However, existing systems rely on the user being able to contact the messaging system service and interact with the service. For example, if a phone company supports voice messaging, the user is advised of the arrival of the voice message only when he or she checks with the relevant service to find out if such a voice message has been received.

United States patent no. 5,434,907 issued July 18, 1995 to Hurstel et al describes a voice mail notification system. A message count, representing the number of pending voice mail messages for telecommunication service subscriber, is updated and the subscriber is automatically notified.

United States patent no. 6,091,947 issued July 18, 2000 to Summer describes a wireless messaging system used to determine when link performance is inadequate for a live connection, so that the voice call can be rediverted to a voice message box. A wireless base unit conveys the accepted voice mail to a mobile handset using a store and forward protocol. The mobile handset stores the conveyed voice mail message for playback by the user.

United States patent no. 5,802,466 issued September 1, 1998 to Gallant et al describes a system in which a voice mail messaging center directs a call to a voice mailbox associated


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with a mobile communication device, to record a message when the mobile communication device is unable to receive the call. The voice mail messaging center optimizes communication from the messaging center to the mobile communication device by sending a first message indicator to the mobile communication device when a voice mail is recorded and the voice mailbox contains no messages.

United States patent no. 5,768,683 issued June 16, 1998 to Mulford describes a method for automatic re-transmission of voice messages by a mobile communication unit. An identification code is continuously embedded in the voice mail message and, where this code matches that stored in the mobile communication unit, retransmitting the voice mail message after a predetermined period of time.

United States patent no. 5,577,103 issued November 19, 1996 to Foti describes a method of providing service information to subscribers in a cellular telecommunications network using the short message service. A subscriber in a cellular telephone network is provided with information via SMS, from a subscriber service profile. The service profile information is appended to a short message service (SMS) message which is transmitted from the mobile switching center to the mobile station.

United States patent no. 5,684,862 issued November 4, 1997 to F...